Xpress Fit

Have you been looking for a workout routine to help you get in shape and lose weight? Or to help you have more energy for your family & busy life?

30 min Cardio Conditioning classes are designed to get you sweating, elevate your heart rate, increase aerobic capacity and improve strength endurance. These workouts will consist of functional movements at light to moderate loads in small group classes led by our EXPERT COACHES, so you get the maximum results for the least amount of time.

Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter wanting to up your conditioning, a new athlete looking to ease your way into CrossFit, or if you just have no interest in learning barbell movements… this class is for you!
What you can expect from XpressFit
  • A coach to keep you accountable
  • Improve your endurance
  • Lose weight & tone up
  • An awesome community to workout with
  • Scalable workouts to meet your needs

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