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Nutrition Q & A

One of the most common questions I get as a coach when I start talking nutrition, and provide nutrition plans is

“Can I have a cheat meal, or an unfavorable food on my diet.”

The answer to which is largely dividable into one of two types of people.

Type 1 – The Moderator;

This is the person who can have a piece of cake at a party, or enjoy a beer or glass of wine with dinner, and get right back on the wagon. They likely won’t turn one glass into a bottle, or turn one treat into the whole box. The individual capable of moderating ‘cheat foods’ is, psychologically, able to deal with the act of cheating. A moderator is ok to slip up from time to time, but should still shoot for healthy foods >80% of the time (>90% is better).

Type 2 – The Avoider;

An avoider is different than a moderator for one major reason – from a psychological standpoint it will derail them for days to months at a time. Little slips for this person can go a long way. Unlike a moderator, that glass of wine is likely to turn into a long night of drinking and that slice of cake will quickly become a deep fried 1500 calorie meal. This person should avoid cheating as much as humanly possible, and stick to the plan as close to 99% as they can.

Nutrition, our relationship with food, and our ability to indulge have an incredibly strong psychological standpoint. Ask yourself what YOU think you can handle. If you think a beer on Friday night will cause you to slip up for a week, then the answer is no. If a person can enjoy that same beer, but never stray away from the plan, then it’s likely ok.

Easter Hours

Wishing all of our members a Happy Easter!


Good Friday – 10 AM CrossFit only

Saturday April 15 – Regular hours

Easter Sunday – CLOSED

CF24 supporting Special Olympics Canada Foundation



What is the CF24? CF24 is a 24-hour event with one workout, every hour on the hour, completed by teams of 3 athletes. On October 22, all participating gyms across the nation will perform WODs on the same day, at the same time. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Special Olympics in support of athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Members of CrossFit Opus were proud to have participated in CF24 in 2014 and 2015. The power of sport benefits everyone! We are excited to be a part of this amazing event again this year.

To find out more about CF24 check out their website www.cf24.ca

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the event. Stop in to show your support. Even better, donate in support of these incredible athletes.

Welcome to CrossFit Opus 2.0


CrossFit Opus is located in a 5200 sq. foot space at 310 Limeridge Rd W.  

We offer experienced and exceptional coaching to guide you through your fitness journey.

Our community includes beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes; providing a welcoming and supportive environment.

Stop by to see our new facility, we would love to show you what makes us different!

We Have Moved!

Welcome to our new location at 310 Limeridge Rd W.

Regular class schedule is in effect!

We are on the west side of the building, enter through the side door.

This is our temporary space while our amazing gym is being constructed at the very same address.

It is already home.

 “Just when I started thinking I was fit,
CrossFit humbled me again.”
– John